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"Life is like a capital market where time is a priceless asset."

Wojciech Maslon



Knowledge, experience and innovation are core values that I would like to share on this portal

Tuning Portfolio solves the problem of portfolio selection, the theory created by the outstanding scientist Harry Markowitz in 1952. (Nobel Prize, 1990)

The simplicity and intuitiveness is a guarantee of time savings.

None of the presentation created for any solution shall not exceed 5 minutes.

High quality and protection are the top priorities

All available applications are original and have a digital signature and on-line services are encrypted with SSL certificate.


Freedom of choice is the foundation of a strong partnership

Anyone can freely customize the tool to their own needs.



Wojciech Maslon

Wojciech Masłoń



Wojciech Masłoń is the owner of MasXLs. He founded it to fulfill one of his dreams which was to create a place for simple, fast and useful tools which would make practical use of advanced and valuable knowledge.

He graduated with honours from University of Science and Technology in Cracow on Management department with a specialization in Financial Management. During his studies, he got to know theoretical basics of portfolio theory and consistently developed them for 7 years as an employee of brokerage BPH SA, Pekao SA and Alior Bank SA. He is also the author of a great number of effective solutions which have been applied in many areas of banking: Investment Banking, Private Banking, Retail Banking, Difficult Loans, Contact Centre.