Is having an account on the website for free?

Yes. Having an account is free of charge. It allows the users to use with no fees products which handle a Token. The Token is generated when the user registers and it is individual for each user.

Why do products have a digital signature?

A security of each user is the most essential and only products which have digital signatures guarantee the originality of a product used.

Is it necessary to possess the Token for using Tuning Portfolio Cloud Services?

Yes. The Token leads to proper communication between the user and the website.

What is the difference between Limits and Calculations?

Limit is a regular number of Calculations which a user can use within 24 hours. Calculation is a unit of the services performed by the website. Its number indicates how many of them the user can use within 24 hours.

Can I freely modify programmes which I bought on the website?

Yes, unless a modified programme is used in accordance with its destiny but also for its own (good) use.