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Dear Users,

We respect the right of users to protect their privacy. This document presents the terms and conditions for the collection and processing of information about users of the website:

This Privacy Policy was originally written in Polish. This is its English translation. In case of any inconsistency between this Agreement and its translation, the Polish language version shall prevail.

We encourage you to become familiar with the contents of the Privacy Policy.


MasXLs - the company MasXLs represented by Wojciech Masłoń (correspondence and firm address: ul. Puchalskiego 3/2, 32-500 Chrzanów, Małopolska, Poland); NIP: 6282138881; REGON: 123010084; e-mail adress:, phone: (+48) 660 596 558;

Services - services provided by the MasXLs.

Shop - internet service available at

Terms of Use - a document setting out the terms of the provision of Services by MasXLs, available at

User - a natural person with full or limited legal capacity, legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, which makes use of Services

Device - an electronic terminal, which User uses the Shop service with, such as a computer, mobile phone, tablet, et al.

Account - marked individual name (e-mail), protected by password given by the User, a set of resources in the ICT system of the MasXLs, in which data are collected by the User including information on complex orders. Access to and management of resources by the User are accomplished through the Shop ("Settings" button on the main webpage

Contact - is a form available in the Shop that allows contact with the MasXLs electronically available at

Social Network - social media, online portal, which are based on a large group of members typically gathered around it, forming the community. The main purpose of Social Network is to maintain social networking and to create social bonds.

A.    Privacy Policy

§1.    Personal Data

1.    The personal data submitted by the User via the Shop in connection with the registration and using services are processed by the MasXLs, which is the data controller within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (consolidated text.: Coll. Laws 2002., No. 101, item. 926, amended later.).
2.    The MasXLs is entitled to:
    a.    processing, collection, preservation, storage, processing, sharing and disposal of personal information in order to implement the agreement and to the extent necessary to provide the Services,
    b.    processing, collection, preservation, storage, processing, sharing and disposal of personal information in order to study the market and the behavior and preferences of the intended results of this study to improve the quality of services provided by the Shop and for statistical purposes.
3.    Header processing. Personal data which are recorded in the Shop, especially name, e-mail addresses associated with the purchase transaction, phone number processed:
    a.    to the extent necessary to create and shape the content, changes, solutions and proper implementation of electronic services, including the implementation of orders placed by the User on the products that are available in the Shop;
    b.    to the correct registration of the Product purchased, where the product is assigned to an email address of the Account administered during the registration;
    c.    for the consideration of complaints made by the User and the refund of benefits in case of overpayments and refunds, whether the claim;
    d.    subject to the consent to receive marketing information from the MasXLs, including transmission of an electronic commercial information by the MasXLs, your personal information will be processed by the MasXLs also in order to provide you with information about the Shop, offers and promotions, as well as information on products and services entities cooperating with the MasXLs (for our knowledge and explicit consent).
4.    Providing personal data is voluntary, but failure to consent to the processing of personal data may prevent the provision of the Services by the MasXLs and making purchases in the store.
5.    User of the MasXLs entrusting personal data have the right to inspect them, the right to request their updates and to request its removal.
6.    Personal data provided by the Account can be independently edited or deleted (see "Settings" on the home page).
7.    The User has the option to request of removing the account by sending appropriate requests using the Contact Form available on or by sending an e- mail: the e-mail address currently registered in the Store.
8.    The resignation of Service Newsletter can be done by a registered User, by unchecking the checkbox Newsletter, which is located in the " My Account " section "Customer info". The second possibility for both registered and unregistered users, is to send an e-mail to with a statement of resignation of the Newsletter.
9.    The personal data of the User shall not be disclosed to any third party without the explicit consent of the User, except for the following cases:
    a.    if activities that are related to the execution of orders, customer service, handling money transfers and other activities in which it is necessary to the existence of personal data will be outsourced to other operators ,
    b.    if the MasXLs considers that the User operates to the detriment of other users or violates the Terms of Use of the Shop, or violates the rights of MasXLs,
    c.    if there is a legal obligation dictated by circumstances, to the extent applicable by law, the MasXLs undertakes to inform the user before it will respond to the request of disclosure of the data (eg in the case of fraud prevention attempts) ,
    d.    in case of the sale of all or part of the MasXLs assets, the MasXLs User's data may be transferred to the purchaser.

§2.    Security

1.    The MasXLs ensures security of personal data by appropriate technical and organizational measures, such as using encrypted connections designed to prevent unauthorized processing of data and its  accidental loss, destruction and/or damage.
2.    The encryption technique used by is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) - an encrypted 256-bit key. This technique is widely used by major websites who value security and privacy of its users.
3.    The MasXLs makes a special effort to ensure that personal data is:
    a.    correct and processed in accordance with the law,
    b.    obtained only for specified purposes and not processed further in a way incompatible with those purposes,
    c.    adequate, relevant and not redundant,
    d.    accurate and up to date,
    e.    not kept longer than necessary,
    f.     processed in accordance with the rights of individuals (subjects), including their right to claim sharing,
    g.    safely stored,
    h.    is not transferred without adequate protection.
4.    Products offered via the Shop (and especially their protected source code) are digitally signed by the MasXLs, which guarantees the origin of the Product, as well as lack of malicious code contained within the Products (viruses, troyans, key loggers, etc.).
5.    None of the Products use Shop User data except for data such as e-mail address, which identifies the User and User's purchase.
6.    You consent to publication of data such as User's name, or the name and e-mail address which are necessary for the authorization review for a particular Product.
7.    The User alone must take care to set up a User name and password for the account that prevents easily guessing them by third parties. It is recommended to use a password and a string of numbers as well as uppercase and lowercase letters.
8.    Logging out from the Shop will happen when you click "Log Out" or "Close" button (marked with a cross in the upper right corner of the webpage), which is placed on the main webpage. It is a way recommended by MasXLs to end the using session of the Shop service.
9.    User agrees to keeping passwords to Accounts secret, as well as not to transmit the data (passwords) to any third party.
10.    The MasXLs recommends using Shop with User's sole Devices running up-to-date and valid antivirus software.
11.    The MasXLs recommends accessing Shop, Shop's Services and Shop's equipment only through proven software, to which User has trust and confidence. Using someone else's unproven Devices or software raises the risk of interception by malware (Trojans, key loggers, etc.), and endangering data such as User's name and password, or other data, which is administered by the User.
12.    By accessing the Shop or Services with unfamiliar software or Devices, be sure not to store Shop data on such Device and to delete the browsing history. Failure to do so raises the risk that another user who will have access to personal data stored using the browser.
13.    Personal data is stored in a database, which uses technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the data processed in accordance with the requirements laid down by the generally applicable provisions of law relating to the protection of personal data, including the regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 29 April 2004 on the personal data processing documentation and technical and organizational conditions which should be fulfilled by devices and systems used for processing personal data (Journal of Laws No. 100, item. 1024).
14.    Access to personal data database is limited to persons, who have been granted such right by the administrator, and have the necessary skills and knowledge supported experience.
15.    Removal of User information including personal data from the database is possible, while maintaining accounting records in accordance with Polish accounting law.

B.    Use of Social plugins

§1.    Integration with Facebook

1.    Shop has integrated social networking functionality with belonging to the company Facebook Inc.., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook").
2.    Through the integration with Facebook social network, you can:
    a.    Log in using an account that the User has on Facebook, with no necessity to perform additional registration in the Shop,
    b.    Browse assortment of the Shop shared on the Facebook ("Fan Page",
    c.    Communicate with MasXLs without having to enter the Shop's webpage,
    d.    Use the other features offered by the Facebook portal in the User's context,
3.    Purpose and scope of the collection and further processing of personal data by Facebook, is determined within the Privacy Policy of Facebook.

C.    Cookies Policy

§1.    Cookies

1.    When you access the Shop's site on a Device, User files are stored in a particular text, containing the information necessary for proper use of the Shop - so-called cookies. By storing these files on your Device, it is possible, among others, to:
    a.    store login data (authentication), so there is no need to enter each user name and password ,
    b.    memorize the Product added to basket,
    c.    memorize recently viewed products,
    d.    adapt the content to your interests.
2.    With cookies files, it is possible to collect statistical data, which enables further development of MasXLs Shop in accordance to customer preferences.
3.    Cookies do not contain identification data, thus they do not lead to determining anyone's identity. These files do not contain malicious code for Devices and do not change the settings or setup of the software installed on it. Reading the contents of these files is possible only by the server that created them.
4.    In the course of your using of the Shop we use two types of cookies: session and permanent.
5.    Session files are temporary files that are stored on a Device until the Shop is  in logged out status, Shop's webpage is closed or the browser is closed.
6.    Permanent files are stored in the Device for the time specified in the parameters of these files, or until their removal by the User.

§2.    Cookies used type
1.    The files required to run the Shop - These files allow proper operation of the Shop, login to the Shop, navigate through the Shop, make purchases and download the Shop purchased files. Without them, save for a Device, User is not possible to properly use the Store.
2.    Files to ensure the security of transactions made within the Shop. None of these files will prevent the safe completion of the transaction.
3.    Statistical files - allow for us to collect statistical information about how to use the Shop
4.    Functional files - files which saves the settings and preferences of the Iser. By storing these files on your Device, it is, among others, not necessary to repeat the administration User name and password, and it is possible to show recently viewed products.
5.    Promotional files - files which receive personalized advertising. These files can be used by the Shop or by cooperating service providers to adjust advertising content, so it can the site can display ads tailored to the interests of the user.
6.    Social Networking files - Social Networking sites for integration (among others: Facebook) with which the user uses the Shop, for example, in the case of a login or registration using it.

§3.    Managing Files Cookies

1.    Default browser settings allow cookies being saved. If you do not agree for these files to be stored on the Device it is necessary to change the settings of your web browser which the User uses. Change can rely on unwritten cookies to your Device, or to inform you of the time you saved the file on your Device.
2.    You may also (any time) visit the Shop to remove cookies from your devices. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of handling cookies are available in the settings of your web browser which the User uses. Please note that the restrictions on the use of cookies may impede or prevent satisfactory use of the site Shop.
3.    User, through the web browser settings, can allow cookies to be saved on a Device, proving that the User agrees to store the Shop's data on a Device.

§4. Other Information

1.    Shop registers so-called location data. Location data is data that do not contain personal data, typically recorded:
    a.    IP address devices, which are combined with a party
    b.    The country of registration of the IP data devices
    c.    Address visited website Store
    d.    Dates of stay on the
2.    Location data is analyzed by the MasXLs exclusively for statistical purposes or for the purposes of geolocation (eg information on the country of registered IP devices used by the User).
3.    Shop by using geolocation, verifies the country from which the order is placed. If the sale of the Product in a given location is prohibited, it will not be possible to order the selected product, which will be communicated to the User with relevant message.

D.    Final Terms

1.    Service Shop and Products are not suitable for children (ie persons under 16 years of age). Shop never knowingly collects children's personal data, whether such persons are accessing Shop through the Internet or an outside link.
2.    Regulations concerning the protection of personal data used by the MasXLs are consistent with the Polish and European law on the protection of personal data.
3.    Due to the continuous development and technical progress the principles set out in this document are subject to change.
4.    The MasXLs reserves the right to change this document.
5.    Users are bound by the current Privacy Policy.
6.    If a change of this Privacy Policy is to occur, User will be notified in advance, no later than 7 days prior to changes introduction, through posting the new content of this document on the website:
7.    If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or use of data, please contact us using the Contact Form available on the or by sending an e- mail:

Date of the last update: 1 January, 2014