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Software was created in order to support the decisions which were made in order to manage investments. It is a real calculator which was rewarded the Nobel of portfolio theory. Software not only allows to create and optimize the portfolio, but it also simulates the costs regarding a purchase of such portfolio.

Main features:

  • integrated data downloader (you can download data from many sources - Yahoo, Stooq.pl, Quandl.com, QuoteMedia)
  • 15 measures of investment efficiency
  • high performance and quality of optimization using cloud computing
  • optimization criterion: maximization of the Sharpe Ratio
  • limit of daily calculations - 100
  • cost calculator - you can make calculate costs related with the optimal portfolio realization

Tutorial (4 min. on YouTube): Portfolio optimization - Tuning Portfolio CS - Case study (subtitles)

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Products specifications
Subscription active Cloud Services - Subscription Trial
CPU Type x86/x64 with min. 1 GHz or higher with SSE2
Memory 1 GB RAM (for 32-bit version); 2 GB RAM (64-bit version)
Disc space about 3,2 MB free disk space (without large amount of data)
Screensize Screen resolution 1366 x 768
Graphics Hardware graphics acceleration requires a graphics card compatible with DirectX 10
Operational system Windows Vista/7/8
MS Office MS Excel 2007/2010/2013
Other requirements Software requires internet connection in order to work properly.
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